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Film Music of Michael J Lewis
Double CD of the Film Music of Michael J Lewis

An early morning stroll through ancient Rome, an afternoon on an English moor, an evening under the stars in Egypt or a night on the banks of the Seine in Paris all come alive as a full orchestra of over 100 players perform these wonderfully romantic themes.
Dramatic, theatrical symphonic music played with passion and panache by an orchestra of over 100 players.


Piano Music (Overview and to buy CDs)
Piano Moon

A romantic collection of great melodies, performed on the piano, from film and the world.
Beautiful Dreamer

A collection of Stephen Collins Foster songs played on the piano in a variety of styles by
Bryan Pezzone.

Christmas Around the World
A collection of beautiful Christmas music from around the world played on the piano in the European style by Michael J Lewis.
Celtic Moon
A unique collection of gorgeous, romantic melodies from the ancient Celtic nations of Wales, Ireland and Scotland played on the pianoforte by Welsh composer Michael J Lewis.
Accompanied by the Los Angeles Ensemble.

Welsh Music (Overview)
The Romantic Splendour of Wales

Splendid treasure-house of Welsh music in orchestral instrumental and vocal glory.
Recorded in Wales in Welsh, by the finest artists.
In the Language of Heaven

A unique recording of unaccompanied Welsh folk song sung in Welsh.
Recorded at historic sites in Wales.

Harp Music

The Golden Harp
A unique collection of harp music for Pedal Harp, Welsh Triple Harp, Celtic Harp and Contemporary Harp. Performed by internationally renowned harpists from Europe and California

Guitar Music

A virtuoso collection of Euro-Latin Guitar music performed by distinguished guitarists.

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