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Celtic Moon

A unique collection of gorgeous, romantic melodies from the ancient Celtic nations of
Wales, Ireland and Scotland played on the piano by Welsh composer Michael J Lewis
accompanied by the Los Angeles Ensemble.

To hear samples of the music please click TWICE on play arrows.

Londonderry Air - Danny Boy  Click TWICE
Loch Lomond  Click TWICE
Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn  Click TWICE
A Welsh Waltz  Click TWICE
Emily    Click TWICE
 Cockles and Mussels  Click TWICE
Ye Banks and Braes  Click TWICE
Fantasia on Bryn Calfaria  Click TWICE
Jessica   Click TWICE
True Love   Click TWICE

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Description Price Shipping and handling US
Celtic Moon $16.95

$3.95 for one CD
95 for each additional CD

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