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Orchestral Film Music of
Michael J Lewis

Double CD

Composed, Conducted and Produced by
Michael J Lewis

"This is music of Majesty and Passion."
Paul Place, Music from the Movies - London.
"Absolutely phenomenal. Some of the best music of the last 25 years."
Randall D. Larson, Sound Track - Belgium.
"Makes the blood race with its sheer grandeur."
Gary Lester, Legend. The Official Jerry Goldsmith Film Music Society Journal.
"I envy you who are hearing the music of Michael J Lewis, the very stuff of genius, for the first time."
Bryan Forbes - Film Director.
At the world premiere of Madwoman of Chaillot,
Danny Kaye rose to his feet half-way through the seven minute title sequence and cried aloud,
"This music is sensational."
Franklin J Schaffner stated of Sphinx, "This music could not have been done better."

An early morning stroll through ancient Rome,
an afternoon on an English moor,
an evening under the stars in Egypt
or a night on the banks of the Seine in Paris
all come alive as a full orchestra of over
100 players perform these wonderfully romantic theme

Click on titles for more information about the films

Love Theme  The Unseen

Main Theme  The Naked Face

Main Theme  Rose and the Jackal
Dartmoor  The Hound of the Baskervilles

Romance  The Unseen

Portia's Theme  Julius Caesar

Key West Sundown  92 in the Shade

Grazioso  Medusa Touch

 Finale  The Passage
Appasionata  The Passage

 Main Theme The Stick up

 Edwina's Theme  Theatre of Blood

Irma's Theme  The Madwoman of Chaillot

Finale  Theatre of Blood

 Dawn in the East  Sphinx

Aurelia's Theme  Madwoman of Chaillot


Dramatic, theatrical symphonic music played
with passion and panache by an orchestra
of over 100 players


Click on titles for more information about the films

Overture  Julius Caesar

Caesar's Triumphal Entry into Rome  Julius Caesar

Duel  Theatre of Blood

Main Title  Theatre of Blood

Palais de Chaillot  Madwoman of Chaillot

Into Action The Passage

Stick-up Waltz  The Stick Up

Main Theme  Ffolkes

Prelude, St. Peters, Fountains  Upon This Rock

Pieta  Upon This Rock
Destruction in the Cathedral  Medusa Touch
Murder and Aftermath  Medusa Touch




Recorded in association with Rias, Berlin.

 Rundfunkorchester Berlin and Los Angeles Ensemble

 Music composed and  conducted by the composer Michael J Lewis

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Film Music of
Michael J Lewis

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