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The Medusa Touch Director: Jack Gold. Starring: Richard Burton Lino Ventura Lee Remick
Harry Andrews Alan Badel Jeremy Brett Michael Hordern Gordon Jackson

This is as good an action/suspense score as they come. The opening sequence Murder and Aftermath is violent, mysterious and brooding. The Organ Primo and Secundo cues set the atmosphere for the final drama in the Cathedral. Destruction in the Cathedral is relentless in its great climaxes. Full orchestral forces, with the Grand Organ, thunder along with great verve and energy. Following the jumbo jet disaster Grazioso is elegant and reflective. The End Title is a summation of this powerful score. The organ, in this cue, is now silenced, following its destruction in the ruined cathedral.

Destruction in the Cathedral      Click TWICE on play arrow


Murder and Aftermath  

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