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Anthony Burgess

Christopher Plummer

"Cyrano is a big, romantic and melodious musical! A rousing addition to the season!" - CBS-TV

"Cyrano is a beguiling musical for sentimentalists of all ages. It orbits the same entertainment course set by such hits as 'Man of La Mancha' and 'The Sound of Music.' It is an affectionate confection." - Associated Press

"Cyrano is a big and lavish musical. Anthony Burgess' adaptation has style, taste and flair." - Newhouse Newspapers

"Cyrano is unabashedly sentimental and swashbuckling--great fun in its swordplay, horseplay and lovers' deceptions." - Newsday"

A lavish addition to any season, with soaring ballads and rousing word- and sword-play, “Cyrano” is an ideal star vehicle to boot, winning the 1974 Tony® Award for Christopher Plummer.


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