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The Golden Harp

A unique collection of harp music for Pedal Harp, Welsh Triple Harp, Celtic Harp and Contemporary Harp. Performed by internationally renowned harpists from Europe and California with the Los Angeles Ensemble.

"A breath of fresh morning mountain air" Derek Bell - The Chieftains
"Spectacular" Bryan Forbes Film Director

Lori Andrews  Paul Baker  Maria Casale  Ellie Choate 
Eleri Darkins  Catrin Finch  Elaine Litster  Sally Pryce

To hear samples of the music please click TWICE on play arrows.

1  Outrageous Eyes (Llygaid Gormesol) 4.37
2  Tarantella 3.16
3  Rising of the Lark (Codiad Yr Ehedydd) 1.55
4  The Golden Harp (Y Delyn Aur) 6.39
5  The Prophet David's Song (Caniad Y Proffwyd Dafydd) 2.17
6  Love Song (Can SÍrch) 3.21
7  The Queen's Dream  (Breuddwyd Y Frenhines) 2.29
8  The Ash Grove (Llwyn Onn) 3.54 
9  Bells of Aberdyfi (Clychau Aberdyfi) 4.24
10 The Lark's Elegy (Galargan Yr Ehedydd) 3.39
11 Little Birds of the Mountains (Adar M‚n Y Mynydd) 2.30
12 Coming (Dyfodiad) 3.27
13 Rhuddlan Marsh (Morfa Rhuddlan) 4.20
14 Nocturne For Kids  (Hwyrgan I Blant) 3.49
15 All  Through The Night (Ar Hyd Y Nos) 3.32

16 Celtic Sunset (Machlud Celtaidd) 6.08


To hear samples of the music please click TWICE on play arrows.

Total Time: 60.17

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