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Piano Moon

A romantic collection of great melodies, performed on the piano, from film and the world.
To be enjoyed by lovers, and others, everywhere.

Performed by Michael J Lewis and Bryan Pezzone

To hear samples of the music please click TWICE on play arrows.

1. Moon River
All time great song from 1961 Paramount picture Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn.
Lyrics Johnny Mercer. Music Henry Mancini. Best Song 1961 Academy Awards.

2. Love Theme Beautiful melody, composed by Michael J Lewis. 
From The Unseen, an obscure 1980 horror movie starring Barbara Bach.
Click twice on play arrow.

3. Moonlight Sonata – Slow movement    Click twice on play arrow.
The common title is the nickname that stuck after a critic wrote that the slow movement of ‘Piano Sonata Op. 27’, by Ludwig Van Beethoven, reminded him of moonlight on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Beethoven simply called the sonata Sonata quasi una Fantasia Op27. 

4. Kazakh Moon
An original composition for this CD, by Michael J Lewis. Inspired by romantic stories of the vast steppes of Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

5. Clair de Lune     Click twice on play arrow.
Highly evocative original piano composition by French impressionist composer, Claude Debussy.

6. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Theme     Click twice on play arrow.
Theme from the 1979 Emmy winning animated movie based on the C. S. Lewis classic story.
Music by Michael J Lewis

7. Blue Moon
This all-time classic Rodgers and Hart song went through many changes before reaching its final form. Initially intended for a Jean Harlow movie, it then became the title song for Manhattan Melodrama, a Clark Gable film. It finally emerged as the ever-lasting
Blue Moon.

8  Tra Bo Dau   Welsh folk song and traditional music by anonymous composers is abundant in beautiful, sophisticated melodies. This is a perfect of example of Wales’s rich cultural heritage.
  Click twice on play arrow.

9. Amazing Grace     Click twice on play arrow.
Beloved melody, known throughout the world. First appeared in print in New Britain, from Virginia Harmony, 1831. The opening piano sounds represent the bagpipes on which this wonderful melody is so often played.

10. All Through the Night     Click twice on play arrow.
Perhaps the best known Welsh traditional melody. Finely constructed tune sung by countless people throughout the world.

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