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Sphinx Director: Franklin J Schaffner
Starring: Leslie-Anne Down John Gielgud Frank Lagella Maurice Ronet John Rhys-Davies

At the conclusion of the London music recording sessions director Franklin J Shaffner stated simply that "This score could not have been done better." The authentic eastern and mid-eastern instruments employed by the composer in his own orchestrations with full western orchestral forces produce an eclectic score that is highly complimentary to the picture and scintillating to the audiophile. Close your eyes, turn up the volume and get carried away to the banks of the Nile and enjoy the majesty and mystery of ancient Egypt accompanied by the santoor, darbuka, many many violins and more of those world-class Berlin French horns. Awesome. Congratulations to Manoochehr Sadeghi and Ron Wagner for very special musical contributions.

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