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Theatre of Blood Director Douglas Hickox
Starring: Vincent Price Diana Rigg Ian Hendry Harry Andrews Michael Hordern Robert Morley Milo O'Shea
Coral Browne Jack Hawkins Arthur Lowe Dennis Price Eric Sykes Diana Dors

The Main Title sums up the tongue-in-cheek concept of this Shakespearian spoof. Harpsichords and mandolin give a classic feel to this film before a single line of dialogue is heard. The trampoline Duel is vintage film making complimented by excitingly elevated scoring. Edwina's Theme is an outrageous accompaniment to a highly original interpretation of Cymberline. Death in the Theatre is full-blooded orchestral scoring as the theatre burns around the final act of critic extraordinaire Edward Lionheart - Vincent Price. Finale is a full orchestral restatement of the main theme. Daily Variety noted that the orchestral score by Michael J Lewis indicated "major talent".

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